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Crabs Co. Filming Company
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Welcome to Crabs Co!

Welcome to the official Crabs Co. web site! Crabs Co. was started by five teenage guys and is the best and greatest amateur film company to ever hit Washington State! Use the handy directory to your left to navigate around our wonderful site. If you want to come back to the main page, click on Home. To learn more about Crabs Co. and what we do, head over to Whats Crabs Co? To check out the brilliant minds behind Crabs Co, click on Cast and Crew. To see a handy list of all our current films, click on Films. If youre an aspiring young director and want some helpful hints, go to Production for filming techniques, styles, and other goodies. If you would like to download some video clips, audio clips, stills, and production pictures from our movies click on Multimedia. And if you would like to email Crabs Co, go to Contact Us. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check in often for updates. See ya!

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What's New At Crabs Co.
It seems there was an error when Tripod promptly closed down our humble site. We are back and rearing! Anyway, Crabs Co will be getting a makeover in the near future. I added some screen shots in the multimedia section and made the nifty banner.
Been working on a new movie, Night of the Platupai. It's starring everybody and features man eating platupai, lol. Converting the video files to real video is going to take awhile, so be patient. Also, the rest of the cast and crew pics will be up soon.
Revised Cast and Crew sections. Added some audio to the multimedia section.

Check back often for updates and revisions