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Crabs Co. Filming Company


What's Crabs Co?
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What's Crabs Co?

Crabs Co. is an amatuer low budget filming company started in Feburay of 2002 by five young guys. It films and produces short films, movies, commercials, talk shows, game shows, ect. It is solely based in Washington State near the Tacoma area. It's first movie was called Enemy Approaches and involved Kurt battling his former master for some reason. (We still haven't figured that out...) Filming locations include the park near AJ's house, Click's front yard, and the construction site. After filming, Click uses Ulead 6.0 Editing software to add any needed music, sound effects, or special effects, and cut any scene or portion needed. Armed with a digital camcorder, a couple of props, and  heads full of ideas, Crabs Co. brings quality film making to you!