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Crabs Co. Filming Company


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. Enemy Approaches-  AJ and Kurt
Kurt is caught in a bitter fued with his former master and mentor.
. I'm Taking Your Bike- AJ and Kurt
Kurt steals AJ's bike, but AJ retaliates. (Crab Favorite)
. Stranded- AJ, Ian, and Click
AJ, Ian, and Click's plane crashes after being piloted by a drunk penquin.
. Cops- AJ, Ian, and Click
A series of Cop parodies concerning rowty drunks.
. Gangster Regrets- AJ,and Kevin
Tony (AJ), a hitman in the mafia, is ambushed by a former collegue, Vinnie (Kevin) and a bitter struggle follows. (Crab Favorite)
. Night of the Platupai- AJ, Ian, Click, Chris, Kevin,and Kurt
A town is invaded by a murderous platupus. The town is in denial, and the mayor is covering it up. People are already being killed... Will the professor be able to warn everybody in time? (Coming Soon)

All movies are owned by the Crabs Co. Company