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Camera Techniques
Camera angles should always be interesting. Don't always have everything centered, be original. Take sky shots by building or finding a platform or raised space. If you have a tripod and LCD Screen, stretch your tripod to it's full height, tilt the screen down so you can see, and hold it up. You can get awesome shots with this by panning with actors from the sky.
Aslo, try to find interesting positions. Like, film from behind a tree so you can barely see the branches, or get low to the ground and tilt the camera up for ground shots.
And NEVER, EVER, film a whole movie from one angle. It's BORING! Switch angles atleast every 45 seconds if not less. Especially in action sequences or fight scenes, this takes time, but trust me, it works.
Another interesting angle is a walk on angle. This is when you don't see anything, but actors run past the camera. Rather than the camera trying to catch them. This works well in chase scenes and fight scenes.
Check back soon for more hints on film making!